It’s in the Bag

Jennifer Hawkins needs no introduction, an Aussie girl made good and very famous after winning Miss Universe a decade or so ago.  By all accounts, a nice person as well which is very important, being the role model that she is.  Jen must also have a fair amount of tact if a recent interview I saw is anything to go by.

Jen was interviewed a few weeks ago by journalist Melissa Hoyer in the lead-up to the Myer launch.  The interview I saw online was brief, so I don’t know if what I saw is the whole thing.  However all that was covered were questions about Jen’s new house, whether she intends having babies any time soon, and the contents of her handbag.  What the !?!

Now this is where I am unsure whether this was planned – as the contents of said purse were pored over, each was named for its maker (eg sunglasses by Aje, J Bronze shimmer etc) so the jury’s out as to whether Jen was complicit in a shameless plug for her bronzer and just happened to include naming other brands of items in there.  If not, she took what I consider to be a ridiculous and intelligence-insulting question with very good grace.

I am not, nor will ever be, interesting enough for a journalist to ask what is in my handbag (jealous? – maybe a little) but I do know that if this was a ‘real’ question that was posed to me I would be far from impressed.

I would expect a little more from Ms Hoyer.  Jen seems to have some business savvy so must also have some brain, so how about a decent question – or is this all people really want to know?

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