Endless Summer

You may be wondering – or not! – why, half way through Autumn, I am still wearing summery clothing in the photos.  There are two reasons for this.  Firstly, I’m a few weeks behind with the pics (sorry about that ;).  The other reason – it has been unseasonably warm this Autumn across a large part of our beautiful country.  Global warming?  Perhaps.  Just a random heatwave?  That remains to be seen.  Whatever the cause, I am making the very most of it!

The temperatures at present are just divine – T-shirt warm during the day coupled with lovely and cool nights for sleeping, and dawn not breaking until about 6.30am, so no 4.15am sunrises!  Just perfect.

I have heard people complaining, stating that it should be colder by now and that they are sick of the warmth. I can imagine the shops being a bit disappointed & having trouble moving their winter woollies, but other than that – this, for me at least, is bliss!  I long dreamed of endless summers and I am finally experiencing one for real!

2 thoughts on “Endless Summer

  1. Hi D, it’s me… I’m sorry about my last comment, an apology is in order, and I humbly offer it. – It shan’t happen again. Your musings once again held my attention. I forget that in your part of the world it’s autumn, almost winter. I LOVE that description ‘endless summer’ it brings back memories for me. Here’s a video in honor of endless summers!


  2. Hi there, thanks for writing and no apology is necessary or warranted 😉 Thanks for the vid, the Beach Boys harmonise like no other don’t they, and I would KILL for some of the retro bikinis in this clip! Lovely to hear from you, D xx


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