Dear Diary

How times have changed.  I know I’m not a teenager any more but when I was a little girl, the done thing was to keep secrets.  I had, and I’m sure a lot of people had, a diary which had a lock and key.  I used to write down all my deepest thoughts and feelings and secrets, and lock the diary afterward.  At the time I would have been mortified and died a thousand deaths if anyone were to find the key and read my juvenile missives.

Somewhere in the last several years, the whole world has done a 180 degree turn.  Where we once valued our privacy and keeping our own counsel, it seems the overwhelming majority are more than happy to share every intimate detail of their lives online.  It often stems from bragging, and an attempt to be seen to be keeping up with the Jones’, but on the flipside can be stupid (badmouthing one’s workplace / colleagues online only to risk one’s job over it), to an invitation to thieves (‘Here’s pics of me, I’m overseas right now’ – burglary anyone?) to offensive (‘I’m in labour and am 6cm dilated’) to downright dangerous.

I am still shy enough that I hang my knickers on our clothesline in such a way that they can’t be seen from the street, so it will be a very cold day in Hell when I start oversharing online!


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