Crazy Weed(er)

I was enjoying a chilled Sunday afternoon today when I had a funny experience I’d like to share.  I was sitting on the footpath pulling out some weeds when a man called out to me from across the road.  He was polite and friendly and said something like ‘Hello, what are you doing?’

I replied that I was weeding, and that it was a ‘good steady job’.  We exchanged a few more pleasantries, then he went on his way.

This is not the first time someone has asked me what I was doing whilst weeding the nature strip.  And a lot of people who are driving by slow down to see what is going on too.

It got me to thinking – what do they think I am doing ?!?  I might be getting a reputation for myself as the ‘crazy lady from the old house’ who likes to sit outside on her footpath and play in the dirt !!!

I guess it must be a strange sight, one doesn’t see people pulling out weeds by hand much anymore.  I like it, it’s very grounding (sorry couldn’t resist that pun!) and it’s lovely to get out into the fresh air.  Also I don’t like to use chemicals when it can be avoided – I would feel terrible if an animal were to get sick from eating grass that we’d poisoned – and the chemicals can run off into the stormwater and cause more issues in the waterways.

Anyway enough ranting, below are some pics (very exciting ones I’m sure you’ll agree!!)


The results of about an hour’s digging (various garden variety weeds within)  I was rather proud of this effort, it’s a fair sized bag and most of them I managed to extract with the roots on.


My trusty digging fork – note the worn handle & uneven tines from unconventional but effective digging style 😉

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