I have some sad news to impart – we had to put Harry to sleep on Sat 4 June.  He’d been having fits since January 2014 (a brain tumour) and when he first started having them, our vet told us to prepare for the worst soon (ie when the fits came a week apart or closer).  We were so blessed because, miraculously, they became less frequent, averaging 6-8 weeks apart and sometimes a lot longer, and rather than a few extra months, we got to spend an extra 2 ½ fun, crazy & special years with Harry.

That was until 3am Friday 3rd June, when Harry had his first of 5 fits in about 36hrs.  They were quite violent ones from which he didn’t fully recover, and his left eye was not working properly – the tumor having grown to such a size to press on his optic nerve presumably – so we did what we think was best for him (but definitely not best for us, we are devastated).

Harry has left a gaping hole in the household.  Every time we go downstairs we still expect to see him, and it’s sad without him following me about on my days off & helping with the washing (in his own special way!)  He was such a beautiful dog inside & out, I doubt there’ll be another like him.


3 thoughts on “Harry

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Hope that in time the memories of your happy moments together will make you feel better x


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