Fashions on the Field Entry (Winner) – Spring Racing 2016 – Theme: Classic Racewear for Spring

FOTF Ekka - FrontFOTF Ekka - HatFOTF Ekka - GlovesFOTF Ekka - SideFOTF Ekka - BackFOTF Ekka - Winners

Outfit: Red short sleeved jacket featuring black and white polkadot binding to collar, triple layered peplum and single button closure (plain black cami beneath), worn with black and white polkadot midi skirt with fishtail hemline.

Shoes: Black and white ‘tuxedo’ shoes with buttons and red trim.

Hair: Curled and pinned in loops to left hand side below hat.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, vintage black hat with red ribbon and black crinoline trim, demi parure consisting of black faceted jet in pendant necklace and earrings, black vintage wrist length gloves, black and white clutch.

Perfume: Bulgari ‘Rose Essentielle’.


8 thoughts on “Fashions on the Field Entry (Winner) – Spring Racing 2016 – Theme: Classic Racewear for Spring

  1. Not sure how i got here, but i must say that i think you look absolutely AMAZING! So elegant, beautiful and sexy…Truly gorgeous! 🙂 The kind of lady i´d literally do anything for…

    And to think people still wonder why gentlemen would lay their coats over puddles for ladies to walk over back in the day…I tell you, if i ever saw you walking up to a puddle and didn´t have a coat, i´d offer to lay flat on my back in it myself so you could tiptoe over me to not get your heels ruined and get safely to dry land again! Cause you are beyond elegant…And you deserve more than any man could give you too, i feel. 😉


    1. Hi there Thomas, apologies for my slow reply. Wow, thank you so much, it’s very heartening to know chivalry is alive and well ;)) You make me blush.
      Thanks for your kind words & stopping by, D xx


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