Nailed It!

Those observant souls among you may have noticed that I am not sporting my usual French mani in some of the later pics.  It is with a heavy heart that I say this – I’ve had to forgo the French for a time.

I’ve had gel nails now for over six consecutive years, and unfortunately my vanity has taken its toll on my natural nails.  I had my first gel set applied for my impending wedding, and loved them so kept going back.  Not just a vanity matter, my own natural nails are very thin and break before they reach any significant length.  However during a recent trip to the salon, after a look at the state of my nails, the nail tech recommended a ‘break’ (nail joke?) for a time to let my own nails recover from years of abuse – lack of air and sunlight, constant chemical application, harsh filing etc. Sob ;((

So for a while now I have been feeling very odd – literally! – having short natural nails again.  I can feel the ends of my fingertips which is a strange sensation; worse is that I feel less attractive and ‘polished’ than when I have my gel mani.  On the plus side – it is much easier to pick items up from the floor and put earrings on lol! 😉

Before you turn away in disappointment in me, yes I am well aware this is a very first-world problem and I am not complaining, just sharing the reason I look the way I do, and how surprised I am to what extent it affected the way I feel – literally and figuratively – and perform basic tasks.  It just shows it’s just what we get used to.

3 thoughts on “Nailed It!

  1. I guess there might be some trouble with long nails from time to time…(Not that i have any experience in it personally, haha! :D)

    But i´ve always thought it is very elegant and feminine when women have long nails…Especially when they are well manicured. And i would be more than happy to help you out in any way too, so you wouldn´t risk breaking one! 😉

    (Since i believe that´s many long-nailed womens´nightmare. 😉


    1. Hi there Thomas, yes I can’t wait to have some nails back again, I have an appointment booked in for late October so counting down! Feel so guilty as this would have to be the ultimate first-world complaint, but I was very surprised how different everything felt. Thanks for taking the time to write, kind regards, D xx


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