Past Imperfect

I attended a rockabilly festival last week – I was a model to receive an on-stage pinup ‘makeover’ (see pics – below of Before and After!).  The day was a lot of fun and it’s always a huge treat for me to have professional makeup and hair done – it can make such a big difference.

I wore a gorgeous dress (then cheated and wore it again to work the next week – pics to appear in blog in coming weeks ;)) and felt very much the 1950’s femme.  The whole festival celebrates 1950’s lifestyle, clothing & cars etc, all in good fun.

Because I wear clothes with a 1950’s silhouette on a fairly regular basis, people often assume I am into the whole 1950’s lifestyle and ‘live’ it.  My answer is always the same – I love fashion, period.  I don’t limit myself to one decade – most have something good to offer and truthfully, if I had to choose a preferred fashion decade, it would be the 1940’s.

I do love the 1950s for its silhouette and appreciation/flattery of the feminine form – accentuating the waist and hips.  I also agree with the tone of  the decade, ie keeping one’s standards high in terms of grooming and personal presentation.  But I certainly don’t like a lot of what the 1950s had to offer – it was a time of female oppression when women had little in the way of choice, and could not even get a home loan without a male guarantor.  Also, people died or were left permanently crippled from diseases that are now preventable.  It can be very easy to get caught up in nostalgia and forget the things that were not so perfect about the past.

My firm belief is to enjoy the best of the past and bring the good stuff forward into the present (in my case the fashion and grooming, cars and some of the music), and leave the bad behind.  If we do that, everyone benefits.


Before – sans makeup, with rollers in 😉

Workshop pic

After – pinup primped onstage!

After photo


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