Kept in Check

Kept in Check - FrontKept in Check - SideKept in Check - Back

Outfit: Burgundy scoop neck knit bodysuit featuring elbow length sleeves, worn with vintage (80s does 50s) pleated skirt in cream linen with black and burgundy checks, vintage (1950s) beaded collar in black and white.

Shoes: Black patent heels with gold chain detail.

Hair: Curled and worn down, with a knitted rose clip.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, black beaded drop earrings, black and gold chunky bracelet.

Perfume: Chanel ‘Coco Mademoiselle’.

7 thoughts on “Kept in Check

    1. Hi there, thanks heaps! I love this whole thing, the vintage skirt, the bodysuit and especially the beaded collar – someone very talented (not me!) must have spent a loooonng time making it so am glad to give it another run. Thanks for taking the time to comment, D xx

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    1. Hi Karen, thanks! This is one instance I’m glad I ignored my sweet husband – he hated this skirt when I found it, and he usually has really good taste 😉 He gets many points for shopping with me though! Thanks for your comment, D xx


  1. They say, Demi, that clothes make the man…But in your case (in my rather biased opinion) the woman puts life into her clothes. This outfit is one of many you rock in—and yes, I’m partial to a simple knit top–you pose well in anything! Do you think a one or two post lesson in posing would be helpful to your readers? 🙂


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