Capelet in Crepe

Capelet Crepe - FrontCapelet Crepe - BackCapelet Crepe - Side


Outfit: Vintage (1940s) dress in sky blue crepe and cream floral print, featuring smocking to waist and attached cape sleeves.

Shoes: Blush coloured low heels with ankle strap.

Hair: Curled and pinned in a loose chignon with a cream and blue ribbon headband.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, freshwater pearl stud earrings, antique sterling silver Albertina bracelet with tassel.

Perfume: Britney Spears ‘Curious’.

8 thoughts on “Capelet in Crepe

    1. Hi there Jonathan, thank you! A lady stopped me in the street when I wore this dress to tell me how lovely it was. It was a real hit. It’s a keeper as 1940s is so hard to come by. Thanks for your continued support, D xx

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    1. Hi there Karen, thanks so much! I found this at a market. 1940s dresses are very difficult to come by so I was really pleased to find this. It fits beautifully which makes a big difference. Thanks for your kind words, D xx


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