Notched Neckline

I was attracted to this dress for the unusual fabric – it has a slight sheen to it.  Did look a bit creased by the end of the work day however!


Notched Neckline - FrontNotched Neckline - SideNotched Neckline - BackNotched Neckline - Accessories

Outfit: Sleeveless dress by Cue in grey and pink tones featuring full pleated skirt, box pleated trim to neck, matching belt.

Shoes: Black pumps.

Hair: Worn in a high topknot with a gold lace clip to back.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, heart shaped pave diamond pendant on snake chain, gold, amethyst and pearl stud earrings.

Perfume: Bottega Veneta ‘Bottega Veneta’.

4 thoughts on “Notched Neckline

    1. Hi Karen, thank you! I really like my glasses, I usually wear contacts but I should wear the glasses more, I’ve had this pair about three years now! A sucker for a cat’s eye shape. Thanks for your kind words, D xx


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