Taking it in My Stripe

Something a little different today.  The yellow felt fresh and it was nice to wear a corporate-style suit for a change.  The shoes were a big hit!


In My Stripe - FrontIn My Stripe - SideIn My Stripe - Back

Outfit: Two piece set from label Seventh, comprising V neck sleeveless top and matching skirt with box pleated hem in fine yellow stripe, matching belt.

Shoes: Tan and beige platform Mary Jane heels by RMK.

Hair: Ponytail with height, worn with a matching pair of yellow diamante clips.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, gold belcher bracelet with filigree heart padlock, topaz and sterling silver drop earrings.

Perfume: Dior ‘J’Adore’.

7 thoughts on “Taking it in My Stripe

  1. Don’t see the stripe…but the top part is reminiscent of a night dress, the bottom scalloping of a cute lily of the valley flower!. So delicate—you sure this isn’t a refashioned slip or sleeping garment??? 🙂


    1. Hi Jonathan, this is a bit of an optical illusion, the stripe is very fine and from a distance looks like solid lemon yellow. And far from delicate – it’s stretchy suiting material! This one’s full of tricks. D xx

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