Black Lace Belle

Love this top, but even with a high waisted skirt it shows midriff, so wore a black camisole under to make it work-appropriate.  I also have the same top in citrus – see ‘Love and Lemons’ post.


Outfit: Black lace crop top by Shareen with sheer bodice, worn with black satin skirt featuring zip to front.

Shoes: Black patent heels with ankle strap and buckle.

Hair: Worn in a ponytail with height to crown.

Accessories: Black hosiery, blush rose stud earrings, sterling silver chunky bracelet with heart padlock.

Perfume: Bulgari ‘Rose Essentielle’.

12 thoughts on “Black Lace Belle

    1. Hi Rene, thank you, I appreciate that! I love this top, I usually don’t buy more than one of something but this was so nice I have it in another colour! Thanks again for writing, D xx


  1. What an adorable look – the combination of the lace top, the shape of the skirt and the zip make this both classic and edgy at the same time. Some people who wear colours in the way you do cannot also pull off black – but you manage both so well. Kx


    1. Hi Karen, thank you I appreciate that! I really love the top particularly (I have two in different colours which is rare for me!) and as you said the juxtaposition between the delicate lace & metal zipper are cool. Thanks again for your continued support, D xx


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