Green Pastures

Don’t have many green items in my wardrobe, so here’s one as a nod to St Patrick’s Day last week… yes, I know I’m a little late 🙂


Outfit: Green fitted dress from Mei Mei with multiple folds and mesh bodice insert.

Shoes: Black pumps with pleated toes.

Hair: Worn in a ballerina bun with a gold lace clip.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, gold charm bracelet, gold brilliant cut emerald stud earrings.

Perfume: Beyonce ‘Heat’.

12 thoughts on “Green Pastures

  1. QUESTION: And I know you are busy living life—would you tale a MALE “fashion poet” seriously? Just a thought of slight self doubt. It is one of the poetry challenges I’ve been working on the past few years! :0 I have examples—just HAVE TO SEARCH KEY WORDS TO FIND THEM!


  2. Hi Jonathan, yes absolutely! Poetry is an art form like any other, including fashion. One has an idea and gives life and presents it to the world. The world will then respond how it will. I applaud anyone putting themselves out there in whatever their chosen art form, as it’s giving of oneself. So write on & enjoy! D xx


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