Ms Chic

I was all over the place!  Running late (partly by trying on a lot of shoes that didn’t look quite right), then forgot to put on most of my jewellery before the shot.  On top of that, after my Pilates class the day before I briefly forgot where I left my wedding rings – momentary panic!  Thankfully, found within minutes. 🙂 One of those mornings!


Outfit: Navy and white horizontal stripe bodycon dress by Zara featuring elbow length sleeves, worn with black marle denim jacket with zip front and pleated shoulders.

Shoes: Black patent pointed heels.

Hair: Worn in a ponytail.

Accessories: Nude hosiery, navy print silk scarf, sterling silver hoop earrings.

13 thoughts on “Ms Chic

      1. Just a thought…vintage swimsuits? Just a thought…nothing more You and Janey Ellis, from, are indeed well-represented here! 🙂 (Read…MODESTY’S GOOD TO VIEW-?)


  1. Thanks Karen! We’re always told to stay clear of horizontal stripes but this dress was so nice & rules are made to be broken 😉 Thanks again for your kind words, D xx


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