Heads and Tails

Loving these textured tights – I should wear similar ones more often!


Outfit: Navy silk blouse by Princess Highway featuring contrast collar and cuffs, worn with pinstripe wiggle skirt by Cue featuring draping to back.

Shoes: Navy snakeskin print pumps.

Hair: Worn in a ponytail, with a beaded bow headband.

Accessories: Black patterned and textured tights, gold diamond and sapphire drop earrings.

Perfume: Chloe ‘Roses de Chloe’.

10 thoughts on “Heads and Tails

  1. This skirt is amazing – a conventional (but perfectly fitting) pencil skirt from the front, but with the extra bit of design at the back. Like you, I love the look with the tights as well – but then I always love it when tights are the attraction! Kx

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    1. Hi Karen, nothing wrong with that! I love patterned tights, they add interest to just about any outfit. And thanks re the skirt, I love this too, has just a little extra detail! Thanks so much for your continued support, I appreciate it, D xx


      1. Hi Demi thanks for ya message I think u would be nice in short sleeve puffed blouses nice white ones with navy blue with pinstripe skirts and ya grey pinstripe pencil skirts hope I meet a nice lass like u one day LoL 😀😉

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      2. Hi Chris, thank you, I do like striped blouses and could see one with a pencil skirt. I’m sure you’ll meet a lovely lass, and she’ll be lucky to have a man who appreciates fashion! Thanks again, D xx


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