Spotted in the Crowd – Stradbroke Day 2017

Still on a high from my Oaks Day win, I attended Stradbroke race day in support of my fellow fashionistas who were entering fashions on the field.  It felt a little surreal to watch others compete and not be up there amongst it!  The theme of the day was black and white with a touch of red.  The hat I wore was purchased as a plain felt piece, which I subsequently embellished with the ribbon and feathers.


Outfit: Black top from Asilio featuring box pleated bell sleeves, worn with a fitted midi skirt in black and white polkadots and a fishtail hem, sheer long sleeve mesh fitted top from Mink Pink.

Shoes: Black and white spectator style heels with grosgrain ribbon tie.

Hair: Curled, side swept and pinned up.

Accessories: Vintage black wool felt boater hat trimmed with red grosgrain ribbon and two red and black feathers, black mesh statement necklace, oval ruby stud earrings set in gold, black half gloves, burgundy satin clutch from Gregory Ladner, nude hosiery.

Perfume: Marc Jacobs ‘Dot’.

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    In the winner’s circle a woman sits,

    Clothed in one of her great outfits…

    Standing by her man of whom she’s very fond:

    She’s the well-dressed woman, that Demi Monde!

    –Jonathan Caswell

    Picture courtesy Demi Monde.

    (and my apologies for sending the whole page! Is this little trifle okay? I have done it for others! But your picture didn’t transfer! 😦

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