Silver and Gold

The belt I’m wearing with this is actually a man’s tie, which was made to match the dress.  This one was a true ‘wiggle’ dress – no back split!  So, limping one day and hobbling the next – but at least I’m back in heels!


Outfit: Bespoke wiggle dress in grey silk with yellow polkadots by House of Amy, matching tie (worn as belt).

Shoes: Nude hosiery, grey ombre pumps.

Hair: Curled and pinned back, with a grey ribbon and pearl clip.

Accessories: Grey freshwater pearl stud earrings, sterling silver vintage topaz wreath brooch.

Perfume: Lanvin ‘Eclat d’Arpege’.

5 thoughts on “Silver and Gold

  1. Just had a bit of a disappointment…but am reaffirming that this blog is one of my most favorite fashion blogs…and of an appropriate age range for me! i.e.: A young blogger told me to get lost! THANK YOU for being kind to a nearly 60 year old gentleman endeavoring to write poetry AND learn about (mostly) women’s fashions! Your kindness is greatly appreciated!!!


    1. Hi Jonathan, you are most welcome. Please don’t feel bad about the rude blogger, it’s their loss not yours. Maybe it was just they didn’t understand your wit? I’m really glad you enjoy my blog, I enjoy the banter with you! Thanks so much for your ongoing support, D xx


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