It’s Permanent

I love this!  1940s fashions were so elegant and feminine (but the step-ins I can live without!).


Outfit: Vintage (1940s) ensemble, comprising a cardigan with detachable pleated collar and matching permanent pleated skirt with small polka dot print.

Shoes: Brown 1940s inspired heels.

Hair: Curls pinned back and a blush pink headband with pleated satin rosette.

Accessories: Vintage (1950s) nude stockings with back seam and extended heel, 1940s gilt sweetheart expansion bracelet with heart locket, 1950s double heart gold filled locket pin (Mum’s), cream freshwater pearl stud earrings.

10 thoughts on “It’s Permanent

  1. I really like this classic look on you – and with totally authentic hair too! It was only reading the outfit list that I realised you were wearing seamed stockings. I have a thing for all sorts of hosiery, but seams always have a special place in my heart (and on my legs, I suppose!) – when I see them I think elegance, and when I wear them I somehow feel that bit more elegant! Kx


    1. Hi Karen, thank you, a woman after my own heart! I love seams, it’s funny back in the day maybe we wouldn’t have been so impressed with them but I think they’re a bit special in hosiery terms. I think it’s a shame that more people don’t wear hose, they add something to an outfit. Thanks again for your ongoing support, D xx


      1. We’re obviously peas in a pod. My love of hosiery almost borders on an obsession, I fear, and I keep my legs covered in all but the hottest weather (so almost all this summer in the UK, then!!). But seams, oh seams. I have often thought about what you wrote – how mundane (and probably irritating) they would have been in their day but how special they are now.


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