Princessy Pinks

This fuchsia is such an amazing hue, one can’t help but smile wearing it!


Outfit: Stripe and floral wiggle dress by Kitten d’Amour, featuring lace applique and bodice, worn with fuchsia short sleeve angora cardi by Alannah Hill featuring glass buttons.

Shoes: Green suede heels with ankle strap by Steve Madden.

Hair: Worn back from the face with the lengths long.

Accessories: Antique Victorian lavalier pendant featuring pink spinels and seed pearls, emerald cut pink sapphire and diamond stud earrings, gold belcher bracelet with filigree heart padlock.

Perfume: Lancome ‘Miracle’.

10 thoughts on “Princessy Pinks

      1. That’s okay. A belated from you is better than all the folks who didn’t bother. But several guys saw it on FACEBOOK and wished me a happy one on their way out of the building (you know, perhaps, I work as a Security Officer?)


      2. Don’t worry about those that didn’t bother, the world is full of self important people and it’s their loss. Keep doing what you do & enjoy! And you might make a great security officer? D xx

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