Eclat de Rose

I chose this outfit around the hair accessory (as you do!).  Long story short… I wore it for the work colleague who gifted me the flower clip. 🙂


Outfit: Vintage cami by Wheels and Dollbaby, featuring baby pink velvet bow, worn with black midi pencil skirt by Cue, featuring box pleated hem, black patent skinny belt.

Shoes: Pink and white pointed heels.

Hair: Worn in a ballerina bun with a pink flower clip.

Accessories: Pink sapphire demi parure, consisting of emerald cut pendant and stud earrings.

Perfume: Kylie Minogue ‘Darling.’.

6 thoughts on “Eclat de Rose


    Demi, a good friend of mine,

    Her age she won’t define…

    Ageless style

    With a real smile,

    Oh, for new posts I pine!

    Beauty creatively

    Sheathed so pleasantly…

    But for one or two–

    Which I won’t tell you–

    She themes outfits impressively!

    Alas, she’s living her life,

    As professional, artist and wife…

    Other media beckon,

    Sadly I reckon

    Her blog may have reached end of life.

    If she tries something new,

    I hope she’ll include me…me too…

    On a new email list

    I’d like to exist,

    And let me bring it to you!*

    Jonathan Caswell
    *That is, posted on my blog.


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